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Since 15 May 2017 (Monday), UNESCO Hong Kong Association Limited has moved to the following address.
All telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged. Thank you for your attention.

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  • UNESCO: 70 Years of Ideas in Action
    Tracing the routes of UNESCO initiatives, 70 years after the signature of its Constitution
  • Do you know all the Sustainable Development Goals?
    World leaders will adopt a set of global goals at the Sustainable Development Summit taking place from 25 to 27 September at the UN Headquarters in New York.
  • Celebrating our 70th anniversary
    That\\\\\\\'s 70 years of our efforts to build peace, or "the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind", through Education, Science, Culture & Communication

ESD Learning Programme Award Presentation and Closing Ceremony (Mar 18, Hong Kong Science Park)

This year's ESD Learning Programme was closed on March 18 in the Hong Kong Science Park. After a series of workshops, field trips, reports and presentation, it was the last celebration of everybody's effort. We were honoured to invite Chair Professor, Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong, Professor Mark Bray as our officiating guest and Secretary-General of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Mr. Ronnie M. C. Wong, JP, Mr. Pang Chung, SBS and Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme, Miss Vivian Lee, as our honourable guests.

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Hong Kong Management Association 2017 Mini-Conference

As a sustainable future for Hong Kong requires the collaboration of multiple stakeholders across business, society and government, The Hong Kong Management Association 2017 Mini-Conference brings together a prominent line-up of speakers to provide a forum for senior executives to explore effective strategies to foster Hong Kong's sustainable development. Through this engagement, we hope participants will be inspired with new ideas and directions to acquire growth and sustainability of their organisations. More information: http://www.hkma.org.hk/miniconference2


ESD Learning Programme Presentation and Assessment Day (Mar 4, Hong Kong Science Park)

The ESD Learning Programme Presentation and Assessment Day was held successfully on Mar 4 (Saturday). The four themes are Built Environment and Placemaking, Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Tourism and Mental & Behavioural Health. Each team use their own ways, including small plays, and videos, to report their studies and projects.

Special thanks to Assistant Professor of The Education University of Hong Kong, Dr. Tsang Yiu Fai; Head of Department of Applied Science, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Dr. Au Ho Leung; Executive Director, Smart Health & Wellness Ltd., Dr. Howard To; Vice-chairperson, HK Association for the Promotion of Mental Health, Mr. Menza Chu; Clinical Psychologist, Alliance Holistic Care Center, Ms Rebecca Lau; Professor of School of Hotel & Tourism Management Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Prof. Qiu Zhang Hanqin; Programme Adviser, UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Mr. Raymond Leung

Photo gallery:
Built Environment and Placemaking
Sustainable Environment
Sustainable Tourism
Mental & Behavioural Health


The 5th Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration (18th Feb 2017, Hong Kong Science Park)

UNESCO Hong Kong Association presents on Feb 18 at the Hong Kong Science Park, the 5th Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration. The theme this year is Peace and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to promote peace and the 17 Global Goals to the public. Through a series of Peace workshops, cultural shows, game booth, etc, the Celebration shows the cultural diversity of Hong Kong and convey the message of the importance role of the 17 SDGs to Peace and Sustainable Development.

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The 5th Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration (18th Feb 2017)

UNESCO Hong Kong Association will present, in conjunction with HK.WeCARE and Rotary District 3450, the 5th Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration on 18 Feb 2017 (2.18) at the Hong Kong Science Park. This event is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the HKSAR.

"Actions for Peace" is a major emphasis for the day including "Calligraphy for Peace", "Plant for Peace", and "Paint for Peace". These activities contribute to UNESCO's "Building peace in the minds of men & women".

People participate in 2.18 activities, get to know about the 17 SDGs, value peace and harmony, as well as strengthen their sensitivity to sustainable development.

Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration is the official Community-organised Events for the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR.



Kick-off Ceremony of the ESD Learning Programme (8 Oct, Hong Kong Science Park)

The Kick-off Ceremony of the ESD Learning Programme was successfully held on 8 Oct, 2016 at Hong Kong Science Park. This year's ESD Learning Programme has now formally started. 

We are delighted to have Prof. Richard Ho, JP, and Mr YING Yu Hing, M. H. as our Guests of Honour. We also have last year's respective winning teams from the Chinese Foundation Secondary School and St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School to share their experience of the Programme.


UN International Day of Peace "Sustainable Development Goals as Building Blocks for Peace" School-based Activities

Every year the UN International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September This year, the theme is "Sustainble Development Goals as Building Blocks for Peace". 

  Schools are invited to organize school based activities between 21-30 September, 2016.  They may include pledge for peace at school assembly, and other activities in the context of PEACE.

  • All participating schools shall receive a 2016 Certificate of Participation and be recognized at a UNESCO HK event;
  • The name of your school shall appear on the UNESCO HK website.



Please support our Peace effort!

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2016

The United Nations recently published The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2016. The report analyses selected indicators from the global indicator framework for which data are available as examples to highlight some critical gaps and challenges. Which is an essential step in establishing where we are now, charting a way forward and bringing our collective vision closer to reality.

Leadership Training Programme in Life Education

Programme Objectives
- To understand the value of life through preparing and implementing a project to "make the world more beautiful".
- To cultivate students to be leaders in schools so as to influence life with life and participate in life education work
- To promote self-understanding and connect students and the community.

Registration for 2016-2017 Leadership Training Programme in Life Education has started!

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Learning Programme

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Learning Programme is to foster students’ working habits and knowledge in order to enhance future sustainable practice in the community and enhance the communication and problem-solving skills of youth.

Registration for 2016-2017 Education for Sustainable Development Learning Programme has started!




The 2nd International Cooperation Summit of Chinese Vocational Education 2016 (13 August, Shenzhen)

UNESCO HK Association was invited to participate in the 2016 International Cooperation Summit of Chinese Vocational Education 2016. Our Vice President gave a speech on the theme of  vocational education and precise poverty alleviation. In this summit the Association hopes to utilise the UN Sustainable Development Goals to introduce the relationship between vocational education, poverty alleviation and sustainable development, as well as promote the ideals of UNESCO.

Unesco Hong Kong Association visit to Volmato office (13 August, Shenzhen)

In mid-August UNESCO HK Association visited the Shenzhen office of Volmato.
Volmato introduced to the Association the organic foods it distributes, including figs and hydroponic vegetables, and also let us taste the food. Moreover, Volmato explained their new cooling technology that uses high voltage electrostatic fields to raise the shelf life of fresh foods; and discussed future cooperation plans with the Association.

The Association has had close ties with Volmato, including cooperating at charity sales during last year's and this year's International Travel Expo, promoting quality organic foods. This July, the Association followed Volmato to Heishan Village in Qingyuan to learn about ecologically friendly organic rice farming methods.

Please stay tuned to our projects in cooperation with Volmato in the future.

UNESCO HK intern training (9 August, UNESCO HK)

Rubio Chan (Director of Eastern Vision) and David Man (Eco-ethical Guru) present in UNESCO HK intern training.

Rubio Chan | Director and Co-founder of Eastern Vision

David Man | Eco-ethical Guru, ESD Programme Advisor of UNESCO HK

The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong Study Tour on Food Waste Processing Method  (29 July, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre-HKOWRC)

UNESCO Association of Hong Kong participated in the study tour hosted by the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong on 29th July and paid a visit at the site of Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre (HKOWRC) in Sheung Shui. HKOWRC self-developed a variety of waste processing methods in which recycle up to ten tonnes of organic waste each day and convert them into different products. It demonstrates innovative technology and sustainable direction towards the local organic productions.

Hong Kong Productivity Council Waste Recyling Innovation (27 July, Hong Kong Productivity Council-HKPC)

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) researched and developed innovative technology for food waste processing method, which automatically selects reusable materials in waste and converts them into blends of biodiesel, methane (fuel) and environmental fish food.

This method requires less manpower comparing to the previous used method and can recycle the reusable materials through a more efficient and effective way, providing a higher reciprocation for waste recycling.

“Shine Tak Foundation Youth Develop Programme - 2016 Beijing and Xian Space Exploration Study Tour” Opening Ceremony (16 July, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre)

UNESCO Association of Hong Kong attended the opening ceremony of “Shine Tak Foundation Youth Develop Programme - 2016 Beijing and Xian Space Exploration Study Tour”, which is coordinated by Hong Kong Shine Tak Foundation and Hong Kong Association for the Advancements of Science and Technology, on 16 July. Guests who attended this celebration included Nicolas Yang, Secretary of Innovation and Technology Bureau and Professor Alexander Wai, Vice president of  Polytechnic University. 

120 local secondary students joining the study tour will visit national astronomical facilities in Beijing and Xian to arouse interest and enhancing students knowledge of spacecraft and technological innovation.



                    2016 International Youth Conference of Caretakers of the Environment (CEI) (27 June-2 July, 2016 Aalborg, Denmark) 

International Youth Conference of Caretakers of the Environment (CEI) is a global youth activity that includes lectures, workshops, field trips, projects and intercultural dialogues and networking party, etc to promote the idea of  “Care for the environment, protect the Earth, Sustain Development”.  It efficiently enriches youth the knowledge of environmental, social and cultural innovation.

This year, the conference was held from 27th June to 2nd July in Aalborg, Denmark, with Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong as sponsor. This year, students from the Chinese Foundation Secondary School represented Hong Kong to participate in this meaningful event.



UNESCO HK @ Hong Kong International Travel Expo (16-19 June 2016, HKCEC)

As one of the exhibitors in this year's international travel expo, UNESCO HK Association would adhere to its mission and goal to promote sustainable tourism in the event. The organization will introduce geo-tourism and cultural tourism in furtherance of peace and sustainable development in Hong Kong and around the world under the theme “Colourful Journeys to the World”. Please visit us at the exhibition hall to obtain more details. We are looking forward to seeing you at the travel expo!


ITE HK 2016的圖片搜尋結果

UNESCO HK @ Worlddidac Asia 2016 (7-9 June 2016, HKCEC)

Worlddidac Asia 2016 is for education professionals in Hong Kong, China and ASEAN, featuring world class education resources and a forum for transnational collaboration. Pre-register at www.worlddidacasia.com on or before 6 June 2016 to receive a free admission badge. 

Image result for Worlddidac asia 2016

UN70 Peace and Sustainable Development Youth Programme
International Youth Festival


  • - Country Game Booth
  • - Cultural Performance and Discovery Workshops
  • - Cultural Seminar
  • - UN70 Exhibition
  • - Parsons “Love Sharing of Brass Sound”
  • - Parsons “Love and Peace Music Marathon"





UNEP–DHI Eco Challenge 2016
The 3rd Inter-school Online Strategy Game Competition

Are you eager to advocate environmental protection? Do you enjoy playing digital game competition? Would you want to have a challenge on your strategic thought?

This is a digital online strategy game developed by UNEP-DHI, and this year the
competition of Aqua-Republica in Hong Kong - a global online strategy game competition programme about water management and environmental protection, 2016 Eco-Challenge, is co-organized by UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Hong Kong Digital Game
Based-Learning Association, JCI Hong Kong and JCI Dragon. 

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UNESCO Hong Kong's mission is "Promoting sustainable development
and international exchanges through education, sciences and culture".

Our volunteers are committed, passionate and caring. A briefing session
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